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Complex commissions made easy

Performio is the only enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software that’s easy to use and gets you up and running in weeks, not months.

Commission Tracking & Management Solutions

What can commission software do for you?

Automate your sales commission calculations. Make communicating
sales comp a snap. Gain actionable insights from having
all your sales compensation data in one place.

Easily calculate sales commissions


Easily calculate sales commissions


Stop working in spreadsheets. Eliminate the hassle of your sales commission calculations. Say goodbye to payment errors and the time, effort, and cost it takes to correct them. Our enterprise-grade features include powerful crediting rules, pre-built plan components, and automated workflows. Automate your calculations so you can focus on more important work.


Incentive Compensation

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Make communicating sales comp simple


With Performio, sales reps have their own platform so they can always see what they are getting paid and why. Our intuitive, easy-to-use system provides your team with accurate commission reports, real-time leaderboards, and detailed transaction information - at their desk or on mobile. Ensure your reps are focused on selling and not on commission disputes.


Sales Performance

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All your sales comp data in one place


Our powerful reporting capabilities mean you get data-driven insights around incentive plan effectiveness and sales team performance. Arm your company's leadership with answers to their questions about sales comp. Report on sales comp data, identify commission-related issues before they become a problem, and create plans with confidence.


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Trusted by leading organizations globally

More than 1,000,000 administrative hours saved and more than $2 billion in commissions calculated.

Best Sales Commission Software

See what our customers are saying and why they're automating
and tracking sales commissions with Performio.

Best Sales Commission Software


“The team at Performio has exceeded our expectations at every turn. Having been through an end to end rollout of their software through many parts of our business, they have consistently delivered and added value to our incentive management process, ensuring we’re measuring the right things and rewarding our staff appropriately.

Ian Calpin, Head of Distribution & Regional Expansion


Vodafone Case Study

“The biggest thing Performio is doing is giving our salespeople transparency into what’s making up their numbers so they can see every day what they’ve sold and what their commission is month to date. Our managers can also quickly see at the beginning of each day how each of their team members is tracking toward their quotas. This helps managers target who may need some extra help in a certain month.”

Brandon Graham, Incentive Compensation Manager


OnDeck Case Study

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