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Introducing the Performio Banking Blueprint

At Performio, we’ve implemented hundreds of incentive comp plans for banks over the past 15 years. Now, we have taken this experience and built the first incentive commission software designed specifically for the Banking Industry.

Our Banking Blueprint Includes:

  • datamodelData Model Built for Banking
  • plans-1Pre-configured Banking Plans
  • bankingOut-of-the-box Banking Reports and Dashboards

Read this eBook to learn more about common performance measures and incentive plan components at banking and financial institutions to develop best-in-class incentive compensation plans for each major revenue-facing role in your organization.

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Common Incentive Comp Challenges Faced by Banking Industry

Incomplete, Messy,
& Complex Data
Regulatory Compliance & Audit Logs
Referrals & Assists
Calculate Trailing Fees & Balances
& Takebacks
Dispute Management & Complex Approvals
Splits, transfers, & complex crediting
Transparent Commission Reporting
Manager & Team Reporting

Performio's Incentive Compensation Software is Built for the Banking Industry


Data Model Built for Banking

  • Integrate data from core banking systems, CRM, and other sources
  • Supports referrals, AUM, loan volume, deposits, and investments
  • Rollup crediting for managers
  • Custom crediting for advisors and loan officers
  • Calculate hold and release, clawbacks / takebacks

Pre-configured Banking Plans

  • Plans based on loan production, fees, portfolio growth, assets under management
  • Monthly, quarterly, semesterly, and annual attainment to target
  • Referrals
  • Fees & Trailing balances
  • MBOs, spot bonuses, and more

Out-of-the-box Banking Reports and Dashboards

  • Payee (officers & advisors) dashboards & commission statements
  • Payee & team performance for managers plus leaderboards
  • Personalized, insightful, powerful dashboards for executive officers
  • Robust audit trail for accounting & other analysis
  • Exception reporting

Designed to Handle all Banking Roles and Plans


Includes Pre-Built Incentive Comp Plans

  • Relationship managers
  • Loan officers, brokers, & introducers
  • Branch managers & tellers
  • Financial advisors
  • Business development officers
  • Deposit officers
  • Vice Presidents & Managers
  • Insurance agents & brokers

Built to Handle all Incentive Comp Details

  • New accounts & deposits
  • Loan volume, balances, & fees
  • Cross-sell / upsell on services
  • AUM, assets
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Account & deposit fees
  • Insurance policies & premiums, annuities
  • Investment management fees
  • Trust administration fees
  • Referrals/Assists
  • Trailing fees

Banking Dashboards and Sales Rep Portal Out-of-the-Box


Trusted by Leading Banks and Financial Institutions Worldwide

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