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Manufacturing Industry

Incorporate the SaaS solution that’s saved more than 500,000 administrative hours, as well as calculated more than 1 billion dollars in commissions with Performio for manufacturing companies.

Practical. Innovative. Versatile. If you operate a manufacturing business, these are the things you need in your sales commission software — and it’s what you get with Peformio's incentive compensation management solution. 

With our trusted commission compensation software for manufacturers, your sales team, and executive leaders receive direct access to real-time data, which is like high-octane fuel for high-performance sales cultures like yours.

Sales Commission Software for Manufacturing Businesses

Variables: they’re a critical factor in commission calculations. Their complexity, however, risks the accuracy of your results. At Performio, our sales commission software for manufacturing businesses delivers a practical, resourceful solution to this all-too-common problem. By automating your calculation rules and scaling to your needs, your manufacturing business can deploy an incentive compensation plan that is a seamless, efficient process — which lets you focus on driving more sales.

Why Us?

Manufacturing companies trust our commission compensation software for a reason. Not only does our software solve some of the most frequent problems in commission management, but it also remedies the challenges of collaborating with a software-as-a-solution (SaaS) provider.

Features of our sales commission software for wholesale businesses include:

  • Scalable software: Scale our secure solution and configure it to your preferences. Use its intuitive interface and point-and-click setup to customize the dashboard, rules and automated protocols to your preferences.
  • Data integration: Manufacturers can maximize time and return on investment (ROI) by downloading and importing data from other applications, such as Salesforce, in a seamless fashion with our sales commission software specifically designed with the challenges you face daily in mind. And if you need assistance, your dedicated Customer Success Manager is here to help.
  • Mobile support: Inspire performance with real-time leaderboard updates, which are accessible through our support for tablets and smartphones. Through this versatile and secure feature of our commission compensation software, your manufacturing sales team can boost their performance, while generating more revenue for your company.
  • Secure operations: Manufacturing businesses need to deliver measurable results to sales teams and decision makers without questioning the security of their data. Our sales commission software operates on Amazon Web Services encrypts your data to ensure compliance with multiple countries, including the U.S.
  • Accurate calculations: Provide precise commission calculations to your sales teams to drive performance and revenue, plus make resolving disputes or queries simple with the time-stamp features.
  • Performance monitoring: Gain insight into the motivations of your standout employees through cutting-edge performance monitoring. Our solution also notifies you of sales trends, providing you the opportunity to react with evidence-based data.

At Performio, we’ve created a progressive software that’s also affordable, averaging less than one percent of your company’s total commissions. That feature lets your business optimize its ROI, as well as reap the financial benefits of inspiring your sales team to fully embody your high-performance culture.

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