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Adapt with Confidence

Sales performance management software allows businesses to automate their sales compensation calculations and provide increased transparency to their sales reps.



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Your ICM Solution for Complete ASC606 Compliance

In recent years, we’ve seen all too clearly how a company’s fortunes can change. In weeks, you can find your thoughtful business strategies completely overtaken by disruptive changes arising in nearly every direction. How quickly and accurately can you respond to newly arising opportunities and threats? Do you have clear visibility into your sales team’s performance at the individual level, as well as the entire team? Are you able to quickly adjust targets to improve your overall business results?

Sales performance management software allows businesses to automate their sales compensation calculations and provide increased transparency to their sales reps.

The Only Way to Manage Incentive Compensation: Your Way

Businesses know: The most important way to manage change is to ensure your revenue producers are able to adapt - selling through different channels, launching new products, or entering new markets. However, too often, these companies remain mired in spreadsheets or outdated systems. And that means manual processes, labor-intensive data loads, error corrections, custom workarounds, and other barriers to agility.

Now there’s a better way – your way. With Performio.

Performio’s solutions for incentive compensation management enable you to quickly and accurately adapt with confidence to changing market conditions. The Performio platform helps you spend more time making decisions, and less time administering compensation. Performio is the only platform that checks compromise at the door - flexibility meets scalability and usability. Say goodbye to the constraints and headaches of the past and pursue a future of growth and opportunity.

Less Time Paying, More Time Performing

You deserve a powerful and automated incentive-comp process that frees you from low-value tasks and lets you design comp plans that help you launch new products, enter new markets, and respond to competitive pressures. With Performio, you enjoy:


Our library of data transformation components and our feature-rich software platform means we can take in data in any way, any format and no pre-processing of data prior to intake, Performio lets you manage incentive compensation on your terms, your way.



Scheduled automatic imports from spreadsheets or use real-time integration to your portfolio of business applications – no cumbersome extracts and transformations. As you grow, you will have the ability to handle complex comp plans.



Modern UI and pre-built sales comp components; We take complexity out of comp plans, providing all the functionality your growing business needs: ASC606 reporting, multi-currency support, retroactivity, and more.


Customer Experience

Thanks to our dedicated customer success managers and tailored training content, we’ve built an enviable track record of success in ICM.

Performio: Unleash Your Agility


Automate Your Unique Comp Plans

Incentive comp plans are inherently different – “one size won’t fit all.” Performio gives you the power to easily create and change comp plans and handle the most complex use cases – without complex workarounds. We get you up and running quickly so you can leverage secure, fully auditable commission processing.

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Easy Integration Options for All Your Data Sources

Outdated ICM tools force you into lots of data pre-processing, cleansing, and error tracing. Instead of maintaining data transformations outside of the system in Excel, use our adaptable, prebuilt integration connectors with Salesforce and NetSuite, APIs, scheduled imports, and manually upload data so data flows in when ready. No more painful ETL processes, no more data errors, and no more frustrations.


Performance Reporting and Dashboards

Highly configured dashboards for sales reps and leadership. Show teams all the most important information. The difference between paying for performance and driving performance lies in the sales experience. Traditional compensation tools often mean unacceptable delays between deal closure and commissions being paid out. Performio keeps your sales teams motivated by presenting all their performance metrics, leaderboards, commission payouts, estimates, and scenarios – on both desktop and mobile devices.


Automate Your Most Common Workflows

Discrepancies and inquiries can quickly become a huge expense – and a major issue for productivity and morale. Our workflow and chat options help streamline and resolve issues quickly and accurately. Our powerful override capabilities let you handle nonstandard cases quickly with full audit history, workflows, and controls.


Auditing and Compliance

Sales comp is a huge variable expense, governed by strict guidelines and accounting frameworks. Performio helps you comply with rules such as ASC606. View simulations and forecasts to more accurately predict commission expenses and manage accruals. You can even get critical insights on coverage models, sales capacity planning and territory designs to ensure your team is optimally positioned to succeed. In addition, you can track your organization’s sales comp expenses.



Performio maintains the highest level of security for our customers. Compliance with SOC 1 and SOC 2 means we’re committed to the security of our customer’s data, so you can focus on your business and have confidence that your data is secure and compensation payments are accurate.

We monitor our organization for threats, preventing potential system abuse, and configuration changes or data alteration — protecting your data with state of the art Amazon Web Services (AWS) security tooling and audit services. From phishing prevention and secure passwords to safe internet browsing and physical security, we have a security-first mentality with extensive training and controls.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link, which is why Performio’s adopted a strong vendor management program. We assess our security controls for adequate organizational systems, and vendors are assessed by security audit certifications and security training — and once they’re in, we assess vendors at regular intervals throughout the year to monitor their risk.

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