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About Performio

Since inception, we’ve saved more than one million administrative hours and calculated more than $2 billion in commissions.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, and with offices in San Francisco and Melbourne, Performio continues to offer sales performance management software for businesses looking to automate their sales compensation calculations and provide increased transparency to their sales reps.

Used by large global enterprises such as Veeva, Johnson & Johnson, and Vodafone—as well as growing mid-market companies—Performio is a new breed of sales compensation software that combines the enterprise-grade functionality that you need with the ease of use you’ve come to expect from modern software applications.

What Drives Us?

High-performing sales teams deserve a high-performance solution. We continually improve our software with this in mind. Performio provides a solution aligned with today’s sales force and enterprise objectives. Easy to use SPM software motivates salespeople to earn rewards and commission. Enterprise-grade ICM solutions are configured in weeks, not months. An onboarding program followed by a customer success plan ensures we’re proving your organization value from the first demo through the life of the contract.


Our Leadership

Meet the leadership team behind the standout sales performance management solution for companies that seek to increase accuracy and transparency, remove the hassle of month-end calculations, and gain valuable insights from their sales data.

Chloe BloemChloe Bloem

Director of User Experience

Luke TeepleLuke Teeple


Michael LaiMichael Lai

Director of Professional Services

Miles JordaMiles Jordan

Director of Engineering

Meet our Board

Dennis DresserDennis Dresser

Board Member

Kevin OxendineKevin Oxendine

Board Member

Luke TeepleLuke Teeple


Mitch-Cohen-e1576880247834Mitch Cohen

Board Member