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Analytics Studio: Dynamic Insights into Your Data

Performio Analytics Studio is more than just another advanced reporting tool. It utilizes advanced natural language query, which literally means, you can type into the portal what you want to see and it delivers a graph in seconds. Then you can click on that graph and drill down to see the data behind it...And that's just the beginning. 

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Analytics Studio

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Analytics Studio Lets Users:

Build executive reporting visualizations
Create custom views into your data
Gain insights into your business in a flash
Use natural language questions to create charts easily
Interactive reports and dashboards aggregated at any level
Data exploration capabilities to discover new insights and trends

Reports and Dashboards

  • Commission Performance to Budget 
    Ensure commission payments are on budget and in line with sales performance.
  • Sales and Plan Performance
    Ensure plans are driving correct behavior, quotas are adequate, and top performers are being rewarded.
  • Manager Dashboards
    Specific visualizations of data so sales leaders can better understand team performance and drive results through data.
  • Participant Dashboards
    Clear and intuitive information to help sales reps validate commission payments and understand compensation plans.
  • Self-Service Report Creation
    Customizable dashboard layouts with intuitive data catalog, natural language queries, and data visualization options.
  • Payable Attainment Trends
    See performance across different teams, territories, or products to better optimize outcomes.
  • Compensation Costs
    Giving you access to powerful insights that help you build better compensation plans, better teams, and higher performing organizations.

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