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AI Driven Data Visualizations and Custom Reports to Drive Performance

AI powered business intelligence and advanced natural language query designed to drive transparency, data driven-insights, and performance.

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Like Having a Data Analyst Right by Your Side

When compensation and performance data isn’t transparent and accessible, leaders and teams have a difficult time building culture, supporting their teams, and staying motivated. Performio’s AI Powered Analytics Studio transforms raw data into actionable, real-time insights. Whether tackling a blank canvas problem, complex problems or uncovering opportunities, Performio Analytics Studio effortlessly provides leaders with the ability to grasp trends, identify correlations, and make informed decisions instantly.


Build Your Own Reports and Views in Seconds

Comprehensive AI powered search technology answers any sales compensation related question by processing millions of data points, delivering answers in the form of customized data visualizations.

Deals & commissions forecasts, multi-year deal bonuses visualization, historical vs. actual performance views, and more.

The Most Powerful Analytics Tool of Any ICM

Type any question and get answers instantly. You can ask Analytics Studio any question, simply type in your inquiry and it’ll give you your answer and even recommend other search options
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Powerful Self-Serve AI Powered Interface 


Natural Language Search:

Understands Your and Any Business Language


Question Recommendations:

Expand Search and Data


Visual Data Storytelling:

Charts, Visualizations, and Analysis Statements


Actionable Insights Delivered Instantly  

Uncover anomalies, grasp trends, highlight correlations, and dive into comparisons leveraging the power of AI. Unleash the power of hundreds of business analysts.

Sales Performance

Analyze sales team performance and incentive payouts throughout teams, territories, job titles, products, and plans to boost your teams' performance.


Effectiveness Analysis of Compensation Programs

Identify whether the comp program aligns with business objectives and organizational KPIs, and ensure incentivizing the right behaviors.


Commission Plan

Fine-tune Compensation Strategy with benchmarking: compare team, product, and individual compensations to gain insights into compensation and sales strategy.


Motivation and

Boost Sales Team Morale by identifying reasons for the success of top-performing individuals and area s for improvement for low performers.



Support Efficient Budget Management by analyzing incentive compensation expenses over years and  cross correlate commission expenses with performance.



Create reports across your entire organization, from C-Suite executives and sales leaders to sales teams and stakeholders to ensure transparency everywhere.

Visibility Into Performance

Uncover anomalies and trends in a single click.


Uncover Anomalies

Easily identify unusual patterns to uncover issues with your incentive plans or team behavior. 

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Understand Trends

Leverage trends to understand promising or alarming patterns behind your business and team performance.

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Discover Hidden Relationships

Strategize better while understanding hidden clues and correlations.

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Dive into Comparisons

Leverage change analysis and compare different data points to understand patterns and relationships amongst noisy data.

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Complex Data in Flexible
Frames for Powerful Insights  

Analytics Studio delivers transparency across all teams, providing powerful data and insights to executives, sales leadership, sales compensation admins, and sales reps.

Executive Reporting & Visualizations

Gain insights to drive strategy and business decisions. Drill down to see more data with LiveBoards and advanced filtering.


Participant & Manager Dashboards

Understand performance, payments, and drive results using data. View heatmaps for total sales to see performance by territory.


Admin Panel

Build reports, interactive graphs, and dashboards using natural language query. Personalize views and permissions by any participant or role.

See how Performio Analytics Studio can drive performance in your organization