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Visualize Data.
Create Interactive Reports.
Drive Performance.

Business intelligence and advanced natural language query reporting designed to drive transparency, data driven-insights and performance.

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Access Data to Drive Results and Build a Performance Culture

When compensation and performance data aren’t transparent and accessible, leaders and teams have a difficult time building culture, supporting their teams, and keeping them motivated. Performio specializes in collecting, aggregating, and using complex data and, through ICM expertise, helping leaders drive performance and pay salespeople effectively. Meet Analytics Studio, the most powerful reporting solution of any incentive compensation platform.


Analytics Studio Puts Powerful Reporting at Your Fingertips

Build Your Own Reports and Views in Seconds

Deals & commissions forecasts, multi-year deal bonuses visualization, 
historical vs. actual performance views, and more.

Complex Data in Flexible Frames for Powerful Insights

Analytics Studio delivers transparency across all teams, providing powerful data and insights to executives, sales leadership, sales compensation admins, and sales reps.

Executive Reporting & Visualizations

Gain insights to drive strategy and business decisions. Drill down to see more data with LiveBoards and advanced filtering.

Participant & Manager Dashboards

Understand performance, payments, and drive results using data. View heatmaps for total sales to see performance by territory.

Self-Service Admin Panel

Build reports, interactive graphs, and dashboards using natural language query. Personalize views and permissions by any participant or role.

Examples of Custom Reports

Create your own visualizations in seconds.


Commission Performance to Budget

Build reports, interactive graphs, and dashboards using natural language query. Personalize views and permissions by any participant or role. 

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Sales, Territory, and Plan Performance

Ensure plans are driving correct behavior, quotas are adequate, and top performers are being rewarded. 

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Compensation Costs

Gain powerful insights that help you build better compensation plans, better teams, and higher performing organizations.

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Payable Attainment and Trends

Analyze your team’s performance by team, territory, or product.

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Create Customized Graphs and Views

Build customized interactive reporting dashboards using advanced natural language query, putting transparency and results literally at your fingertips. Effortlessly visualize data and gain insight into performance, so organizations can drive performance.


See how Performio Analytics Studio can drive performance in your organization