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4 Critical Features For An Incentive Compensation Management Solution

A checklist for helping you to choose the right ICM for your business to address the challenge of complex plans, processes and strategies.
We believe the commissions process should be seamless, so you can spend your time designing plans that help you enter new markets, launch new products, and adapt to change. With many different ICM products on the market we’ve assembled a checklist to help you to cut through the noise and identify the capabilities that organizations should look for when evaluation an ICM.

Flexible Data Imports & Transports

Data imports that allow for seamless extraction from any internal and external system.

  • What to Look For:
    Native data transformation capabilities.
  • What To Avoid:
    Third party products that are required for data transformations. Limited ETL functionality that requires heavy configuration and back-end code.

Incentive Plans

ICM Solutions should include incentive plan features that include pre-built calculations and extensive transformation capabilities.

  • What to Look For:
    Plan components designed for incentive compensation with the capability to easily write customized formulas.
  • What To Avoid:
    Plans that require hundreds of formula based rules and require an extensive professional service engagement. Also, plans that require hundreds of formula based rules with limited component variation.

Reporting & Dashboards

ICM Solutions should have the reporting feature that can be easily configure to meet the needs of your business and motivate performance.

  • What to Look For:
    Powerful component based architecture offers out-of-the-box report options; integrated report builder in application.
  • What To Avoid:
    Separate reporting module with limited functionality; data is commonly exported out of software for additional analytics. Reports that regularly require a vendor specialist to create and provide underdeveloped analytic capabilities.

Workflows, Auding, Security

ICM Solutions should have workflows that allow for automated processes and smooth resolutions. Security should also be a key focus in the solution so your data is never vulnerable.

  • What to Look For:
    Transaction level scheduling, approval in SOC I Type II and SOC II Type II Certified. workflow, and dispute resolution.
  • What To Avoid:
    Restricted flexibility on dispute resolution and approval workflow. Basic dispute resolution and approval workflow offerings.

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