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We Meet Your Data Where It's At

Sales comp relies on data. Most of the time that data is messy, incomplete, and hard to access. That's why Performio offers the most powerful data transformation capabilities in the industry. Our library of pre-built data transformation components means that users don't have to pre-process the data before bringing it into Performio. We'll import your sales, accounting, and people data as-is - there is no need for manual pre-processing. The result is a more secure process, less manual work, and a truly automated sales commission program. 

Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for

Sales Performance Management

February 2020

Rated 4.6 in Sales Commission Software

Import and Transform Sales Comp Data

Performio offers multiple ways to import your data, including pre-built connectors, flat-file uploads, SFTP, and a suite of APIs. We can integrate with all major ERP, CRM, and HCM source data systems. And once your data is in the system, we offer a library of powerful pre-built data transformation components to enrich your data. This means you never need to worry about getting your data into Performio or processing it for commissions.


Turn Your Sales Comp Data Into Actionable Insights

When you have sales data coming from your CRM, billing and invoice data from your ERP, and people data from your HCM, it can be difficult to see the entire picture. Performio's powerful data transformation capabilities and highly configurable reporting engine allows you to connect these data sources in a way that surfaces the insights you need.


We Take Protecting Your Data Seriously

Protecting your data is a top priority. Performio’s SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance, built-in security features, and our robust AWS infrastructure means we’re committed to the security of your data. We will focus on keeping your data safe, so you can focus running a successful incentive compensation program. Read more about how we keep your data safe here.

Are you ready to stop spending time managing data?

Performio's sales commission software quickly transforms how you manage incentive compensation. No more manual spreadsheets filled with errors and time-consuming reconciliations. Just smooth and accurate automated sales commissions.


Eliminate calculation errors

Define precise rules to calculate commissions down to the last detail. Eliminate calculation errors and the time it takes to correct them.

Configure reports on the fly

Easily build and configure reports on the fly. View attainment, sales performance, and how much commission you are paying on each transaction.

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Incentive Compensation

Eliminate the pain of calculating sales commissions and easily communicate sales comp to reps and management.

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Sales Performance Management

Improve performance through transparent reporting for all members of the team.

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Data Integrations

Easily connect to your sales systems to extract all the data you need. And you can quickly push data back to Salesforce and payroll.

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Performio enables you to add new columns to existing reports, create entirely new reports, or even add new plan rules.

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The team at Performio has exceeded our expectations at every turn. Having been through an end to end rollout of their software through many parts of our business, they have consistently delivered and added value to our incentive management process, ensuring we’re measuring the right things and rewarding our staff appropriately.”

Ian Calpin, Head of Distribution & Regional Expansion

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