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Sales Commission Calculation Template Library

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade Incentive Compensation Management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Our out-of-the-box sales commission calculation library is ready to help your business deliver ROI from your sales commission plans.

Complete Control over how Performio Calculates Commissions

Performio’s extensive sales commission calculation library is built into our enterprise-grade SaaS, ready to help high-performance businesses deliver an ROI from their sales commission plans.

The calculation library has the necessary components for any commission plan, even the most complicated compensation management process. Advanced formulas, splits, and other crediting rules can be automated.

Sales Comp Professionals and ICM Administrators will have complete control over how Performio calculates commissions. Our unique architecture gives incentive plan designers the freedom to create the right type of plan for sales teams in any industry. Check out some of the most popular sales compensation components.

Quota Attainment

The quota attainment component allows you to SUM any field in the commission table or from ANY table in the system. It takes about 15 seconds to set up and instantly creates a schema of the calculated results for paying commissions and reporting.

For example, you can see month to day, quarter to date, half year to date, and year to date results. The component also instantly adds a new quota element to the Quotas & Targets section in Performio. And therefore, all attainment percentage calculations are available (MTD, QTD, HTD, YTD).

This component also provides other options such as the ability to manage year to date calculations within the current period. You can also add additional filters for (e.g.) products and Participants. Note that there is no limit to the number of components you can create.

Payable Component

This component is available with a couple of mouse clicks and automatically provides you with the ability to apply any pay curve to a Quota attainment component. The commission component includes an array of features covering best practice for sales incentive compensation, with details such as payment frequence, commission true-ups, hurdles and more.

The element comprises both universal quota models regarding paying as a % of OTE and as a flat % or dollar bonus amount. Of course, you can also set different weightings for different components.

Commission Rate Component

This component enables your classic “commission plan” style schemes where commissions are calculated per sales transaction – e.g. “10% of the contract value with kickers for x,y, and z”.

Rates can be set as dollar amounts per sale or as a percentage of a value field. You can then set an unlimited number of tiers against levels of attainment or any other metrics that might uplift the commission rate. Crucially, you have the flexibility to apply rates, tiers, lookups, SUMs and more by selecting any field from any table in the system (though typically you will be using the standard commission table). Just like the Quota attainment component, the commission rate component automatically calculates an array of results.

Matrix Component

This component enables “X-Y” type matrix lookups of a commission rate, a bonus amount or any other value you need to feed into your plan. For example, you can select two variables like “gross margin” and “sales volume” and therefore set up a plan that sets the optimum commission rate based on a mix of top-line revenue and profitability of sales.

Formulae Component

This awesome function pretty much allows you to do anything in Performio ICM that you can do in Excel.

MBO, OKR Components

You can incorporate commissions and incentives and bonuses for “KPI” style schemes in Performio. Or you can directly manage all your KPI Style data in the system without necessarily calculation compensation.

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