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Performio Is the Last ICM Software You'll Ever Need

The perfect balance between data flexibility and structured plan management with a partner who will make you a customer for life

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Not All Incentive Comp Software Is the Same

It’s what’s inside that counts…Literally

Sure, it seems simple, person does X activity, achieves Y result, and gets paid Z. If you’ve got one product, a small team, or a simple commission structure, then a spreadsheet or simple rule- or formula-based software will do…for now. But once things start getting a bit more complex and you’ve reached scale, calculating sales comp gets tricky.


Performio Has Solved the Age-Old Problem in ICM

We have solved the fundamental issue widespread in our industry–overly-rigid applications that cannot adapt to your needs, or overly-flexible ones that become impossible to maintain over time. Performio eliminates the inevitable “rat’s nest” of logic that leads to miscalculations and inefficiencies over the long run. You need something for the journey ahead, sales comp is a marathon, not a sprint, that’s why Performio is the last ICM you’ll ever need.

Why Performio Is
the Last ICM You'll Ever Need

Only Performio makes the complicated process of incentive compensation
management simple and sustainable over time

It strikes a unique balance between data flexibility and structured plan management, making change and growth possible for years to come and avoids the inevitable mess of logic when using rule- or formula-based solutions. Our ideally balanced component-based solution, coupled with our true partnership model makes your sales comp admins self-sufficient with expert partners that have your back when you need support. Performio makes incentive compensation management a valuable business function instead of a struggle.

Uniquely Balanced Product

  • Flexible Data Management
  • Structured Plan Builder
  • Embedded AI-Driven BI

True ICM Partnership

  • Implementations Done Right
  • End-to-End Support
  • Autonomy & Control
    (But Never Alone)

Why Performio Is Different

Get the flexibility of spreadsheets
with the easy-to-understand logic of rules

Our components combine the best of two systems with added scalability and enhanced ease of use. Performio lets you take back control of your compensation plans, making changes quick and easy so that your ICM doesn’t dictate your plans.

What Is a Formula-Based Solution?


Ahhh, Spreadsheets. Every organization's first ICM. Regardless of our business discipline, we all know the pleasures and pains of working in programs like Excel. Formulas behind cells, on top of tabs, linking to pivot tables…Oh my! Spreadsheets are incredibly flexible, but that flexibility comes at the cost of scalability and eventually causes payment errors along with productivity losses trying to find and fix broken formulas. While there’s comfort in familiarity, formula solutions are nothing more than an expensive version of spreadsheets.

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What Is a Rule-Based Solution?


Think, “IF this…THEN that.” Rule-based solutions require expertise in writing said rules. While rules are fairly simple by nature, the simplicity of this type of system doesn’t put any parameters on exactly how many rules can be written for any given scenario. Over time, this creates so many rules to understand and sort through, that changes get very complicated and messy. Organizations using rule-based software often have to limit their plans based on what their software can handle—a problem that, in our opinion, should never exist.

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Then What Is a Component-Based Solution?


A Component-Based Solution is a framework for building software based on reusable components of logic, making it incredibly flexible and scalable. This simply means...components package up a bunch of logic that is specific to ICM. For example one component might include dozens of formulas. They’re pre-written logic, so all you're doing is configuring them to your needs by dragging and dropping it into your plan. We have built our components over our 20-year history to solve for any comp plan no matter how unique or complex. No coding, rules, or formula skills required.

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Flexible Data, Structured Plan Builder, Infinite Scalability

Performio is the only ICM that gives organizations a way to self-manage their incentive comp with a unique balance of flexible data management and a structured plan builder. We are a true partner that ensures you’re able to self-manage your ICM, but have support when you need it.

Performio is a Unique Combination of Flexible Data Management & a Structured Plan Builder

  • Flexible Data Management
  • Structured Plan Builder
  • Embedded AI-Driven BI

Performio Actually Partners with You to Ensure You’re Supported & Self-managed, Yet Never Alone

  • Autonomy & Control (But Never Alone)
  • Implementations Done Right
  • End-to-End Support

Let Us Prove Why Performio
Is the Last ICM You’ll Ever Need