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Sales Team Performance Dashboard

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade Incentive Compensation Management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Dynamic sales performance dashboards display payment and performance data based on a user’s role in the organization.

Incentive Compensation Management Dashboards

This is one of the most popular content modules in Performio. The Dashboard is the “hero shot” of the product for end users: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Finance, HR, Operations, etc.

Performio has dynamic dashboards, allowing for multiple setups based on a user’s role in the organization. Typically, customers will set up multiple dashboards to communicate Performance data and/or Reward-Payment data

Align Salespeople

Use “big numbers” to focus people on the 3-4 metrics that matter. Use “flip” feature to allow dynamic toggle between the current period and prior periods / last year etc.

Show Progress To Goals

Use a multitude of speedo dials and progress capsules – both single and dual metric – to show performance to goal. Use icons and colors to indicate below, near or above goal performance dynamically.

Provide Insight

Use icons and colors to dynamically indicate below, near or above goal performance.

Show Trends

Use a multitude of chart options to visualize performance and trends over time.

Tailored Experience Per Job Role Per Period

You can tailor EVERY element on the dashboard to be specific to each job role per period, per period status. Dynamic dashboards provide virtually unlimited flexibility in how you build out the user experience for all end users across sales, management, and support.

Connect Data from Anywhere

Find out how our Commission Software API helps you get the data from your other systems.

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