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Sales Leaderboard Software

Unlike many Incentive Compensation Management solutions, Performio handles leaderboards out of the box. Leaderboards are a great way to create healthy competition and motivate your sales team.

Our easy-to-use sales leaderboards help you use your salespeople’s competitive spirit to drive better results.

Drive A High-Performance Sales Culture

A high-performance sales culture has a healthy competitive spirit as one of its key ingredients. Healthy competition means performance is transparent. Salespeople can see what great looks like, and they aspire to that level of performance.

The healthy competition also means that sales teams are working together to achieve higher performance. Our incentive compensation management software can help you communicate performance levels and stack rankings.

The most common application is for spiffs, end of year achiever clubs, or president clubs. The sales leaderboard feature can be used as widely as you want to. You can rank any metric that's in your Performio solution.

Create Ranking Scores On Up To 6 Component Measures

Create any number of leaderboards. Within a single sales leaderboard, you can set up rankings on up to six metrics or components within your commission plan. Or parameters unrelated to your sales compensation plan.

For each metric, you can calculate a rank (most substantial sales at the top) or reverse status (lowest score or lowest rank number at the top). You can also apply a weighting for each metric, for example;

  • Sales are weighted 40% for Presidents Club
  • Gross Margin Total is weighted 60%.

The sales leaderboard feature will calculate a weighted SUM or AVERAGE of ranks across the metrics to produce an overall ranking.

Specify Eligibility Criteria

Add an eligibility ruleset to any metric in your sales commission plan. Sales commission administrators can create leaderboards where only salespeople who have achieved goals on 2/3 metrics are eligible for the reward, bonus, or trip.

Scorecard an Unlimited Number of Metrics

Use sales leaderboards to build out a broader view of performance within your organization. Sales Comp managers have complete freedom to configure their sales leaderboards reports. They can any add any result or value from the Results Schema to display in their sales leaderboard.

Unique Visibility Features for Leaderboard Reports

Configure Performio to specify a leaderboard’s visibility to a group of Sales Executives only and provide them insight into top or bottom performers, just like the dashboard feature.

Likewise, you can define it to be available to managers who are members of the sales leaderboard – but not the salespeople.

Group Filtering To Support Multi-Layered Rankings

Embed leaderboards within leaderboards! Administrators can configure leaderboards for salespeople to see how they stack up within their region and also how they stack up within their immediate team.

Or they can configure a leaderboard for people to see how they stack up at a national level along with how they stack up against peers in their specific role category or their universal sales plan.

How Does Your Sales Team Benefit?

Our existing clients tell us that their employee engagement has significantly increased since they incorporated sales leaderboards. So, what are you waiting for? Give your team the leverage it needs to exceed quotas today.

Still not sure? Our clients’ sales teams top 4 benefits from Performio’s sales leaderboards are:

Sales Transparency

Everyone on your sales team involved should be able to know for sure how they have been doing and the exact impact their effort has on the goals of the organization. With sales leaderboards, your sales team can now see what results from their efforts.

If you want to encourage your team, then letting them see the result of their effort compared to the team’s goal is enough motivation, thankfully you have the opportunity to do that without a hassle.

Real-Time Feedback

One key feature is regular and real-time feedback. Not only are you able to track multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but you are also able to showcase incentives, graphics, and videos within Performio. This is great for promoting the rewards and recognition behind the leaderboard (e.g., President’s Club).

Easily Motivate Salespeople

You can easily see how each member is doing and what they need to do to meet their quota. Introduce gamification to your team and create an environment where everyone is invested in exceeding their goals.

Improved Coaching Model

Make sure your sales teams are hitting quota with data to help support their growth. Employee engagement is vital to a company’s growth. Use Performio to provide your sales leaders and managers the insights they need by adding data across multiple periods to the sales leaderboard.

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