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Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade Incentive Compensation Management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Our easy-to-read leaderboards help you use your salespeople’s competitive spirit to drive results.

How To Drive A High-Performance Sales Culture

A high-performance sales culture has a healthy competitive spirit as one of its key ingredients. Health competition means that performance is transparent. It says that salespeople can see what great looks like and they aspire to that level of performance or to maintaining an exceptional degree.

The healthy competition also means that sales colleagues are working together to achieve high performance. Performio provides you with the measurement software to be able to communicate performance levels and stack rankings. The most common application is for the use of end of the year, achiever clubs or president clubs. The leaderboard feature set can be used as widely as you want to. You can rank any metric that is in your Performio solution.

Create Ranking Scores On Up To 6 Component Measures

You can set up any number of leaderboards. Within a single leaderboard, you can set up rankings on up to six metrics or components within your commission plan. Or the parameters could be unrelated to your commission plan.

For each metric, you can calculate a rank (e.g., most substantial sales at the top) or reverse status (lowest score or lowest rank number at the top). You can also apply a weighting for each metric; eg. Sales are weighted 40% for Presidents Club and Gross Margin Total is weighted 60%.  The leaderboard will calculate a weighted SUM or AVERAGE of ranks across the metrics to produce an overall ranking.

Specify Eligibility Criteria

Add an eligibility ruleset to any metric in your sales commission plan. ICM administrators can handle leaderboards where only salespeople who have achieved goals on 2/3 metrics are eligible for the reward/bonus/trip/recognition.

Scorecard an Unlimited Number of Metrics

Use leaderboards to build out a broader view of performance within your organization. Sales Comp managers can select any result or value from the schema for display in the leaderboard report.

Unique Visibility Features For Leaderboard Reports

Leaderboard reports benefit from all the features that you will enjoy when setting up reports for payroll, management reports and so on. They also include a unique feature that is tailored to how you want to display leaderboards to provide that healthy competition. An essential element is the ability to determine who can see the report within the membership of the leaderboard and beyond. Configure Performio’s ICM to specify a leaderboard’s visibility to a group of Sales Executives only and provide them insight into top/bottom performers, just like the sales team performance dashboard. Likewise, you can define it to be available to managers who are members of the leaderboard – but not the salespeople.

Group Filtering To Support Multi-Layered Rankings

Embed leaderboards within leaderboards to show people how they stack up both at a national level as well as at a state level. ICM administrators can configure leaderboards for salespeople to see how they stack up within their region and also how they stack up within their immediate team. Or they can configure a leaderboard for people to see how they stack up at a national level along with how they stack up against peers in their specific role category or their universal sales plan.

Performio’s Group feature is excellent for handling all these scenarios. It means you can not only rank simultaneously on a global level but also on a defined group filter level – which can be by job role, by a team, by sales comp plan and even by a designated “Segment” – which is a catch-all for pretty much any scenario you can dream up.

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