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Manage Sales Commission Overrides

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade Incentive Compensation Management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Our override feature provides incentive compensation management (ICM) administrators a trackable way of handling disputed cases and edge situations.

Overrides To Sales & Commission Records

This ‘little’ feature is a beauty. In a decade of sales compensation projects, we have never seen a customer that can be genuinely 100% automated. The best practice is somewhere around 99%.

So, what’s with the 1%? Well, every customer has some exceptions to deal with it. There might be an edge case in how the source data is treated. You might have the occasional sales manager demanding an adjustment to a commission payment for “special circumstances” (that could never happen right?), the standard rules for sales “splits” or credit may need to be overridden from time to time. And so on.

The Override feature set in Performio provides you with an “All in one” way of handling all of these scenarios. You can override any field (that you set to be editable) in the commission table. Crucially, the override “sticks” – it doesn’t get blown away by future changes or calculation runs. Just as necessary, the override record is locked down as an auditable record with reason text, date stamps, etc.

As with things Peformio – this feature is fully integrated with other feature sets such as approval workflows and reporting – so you can deliver a variety of workflows and visibility to stakeholders of all overrides.

Say Goodbye To Excel Without Losing The ‘Flexibility’ That Spreadsheets Offer

Performing is designed to provide the flexibility that Excel offers and more. This feature set is like a “get of jail free” card that allows administrators to deal with exceptions on the fly without compromising system integrators or audit compliance.

Save Time On Your Implementation

This overrides feature does a great job of reducing the “long tail” of software implementations. This is because you don’t need to write customizations to deal with complex plan design edge cases. The Override feature means you can operationalize workarounds within the product for rare edge cases. A 5-minute process each month will be far superior to a 100-hour change request that costs time and money AND also complicates your solution design.

Easily Add New Adjustment Records

The override feature also allows you add adjustment records to due amounts, to attainment % – any adjustment you want to make up or down for an individual payee or performer. Again, the change “sticks” – it doesn’t get blown away by a calculation run.

This is super handy for those situations where – for example- the VP of Sales wants to award a discretionary bonus amount. With the override feature, it’s all captured for audit, calculation, workflow AND reporting purposes. Whereas an excel worksheet has just another cell that can be modified, deleted, unexplained, etc.

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