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Incentive Compensation Management Task Manager

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade Incentive Compensation Management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Never underestimate the power of a sales commission audit checklist. Performio provides the ability to document processes within the ICM administration interface.

Document Sales Commission Processes within your ICM Software

Inspired by the thinking behind the “Checklist Manifesto,” Performio built a unique feature into the ICM admin interface. It provides you with the ability to document your period end process in line with your Performio administration interface.

You can build your checklist or set of lists in the Task Manager that need to be completed to ensure an unbeaten run. It’s great for keeping track of all the minutiae of your process – those little things that can cause significant problems if you forget to do them.

Commission automation is incredible but there’s still going to be a list of things that need to be done to get the correct numbers to payroll on time. It’s like flying a Boeing Dreamliner; the pilots are flying a plane that is more automated than any aircraft before it but they still need detailed checklists for various procedures for their “end-to-end” journey.

The task manager is fantastic because it provides the ‘flight manual’ for you, your colleagues and those that will take over from you after you have received your promotion for doing an excellent job streamlining your sales commission program.

Define Your Tasks

You can set up a function for each unique step in your process – e.g., “run end of month checks on the results before publishing to managers.” This task will likely have some subtasks describing the steps required to complete the task. You can also upload an attachment to a task if there is more detailed information required to describe the task. You can also hyperlink a task to a relevant section in the Support tool; e.g., link to “report builder” for tips on updating fields in your reconciliation report.

Allocate Tasks To Colleagues

You can organize the work schedule across your commission team to streamline the process. Assign jobs directly to your ICM administrators. They’ll manage their tasks within Performio, and you’ll be able to track their schedule of work per period.

Allocate Recurring Tasks Per Period

You can assign a date to asks – e.g., the 15th day of the month and attach to a Period. Then, you can determine if you want this task to repeat monthly, quarterly or annually. This way, your checklist will appear in each new month or quarter that you need to run it.

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