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Sales Commission What if Calculator

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade Incentive Compensation Management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

This highly efficient tool helps salespeople better understand the mechanics of their sales compensation plan.

Help Salespeople Understand Their Plan Mechanics

What If Calculators are highly efficient tools to help salespeople better understand the mechanics of their sales compensation plan. They can also sharpen the focus on the critical performance goals required to maximize reward – and therefore maximize the motivational impact of your sales compensation plans.

Performio provides two main options for customers: an Inline Calculator to offer an interactive commission statement and an opportunity manager option.

Inline Calculator

Users can access an inline calculation feature set to perform “what-if” calculations on their plan – e.g. If I sell 1,000 units this month and $50,000 of ACV, how much will I earn? The what-if is viewed as an inline calculator within the Performio user interface on desktop and mobile.

To create an Inline Calculator, Performio’s What if Calculator allows you to upload your own excel model with fields configured to display the user’s profile data as well as their sales performance data, targets/quotas, etc. The beauty of this option is that you can build out any model within an Excel spreadsheet and load it to Performio. It’s fast, and you are in control of the build.

Opportunity Manager Option

Performio provides a Sales Opportunity commission forecasting capability. Users can change the status of their opportunities in Salesforce or within Performio and view the impact on their commission statement. This option acts as a full “end-to-end” commission calculation process so that the “what if” is taking account of all business rules, pay rules, crediting logic, etc. In other words, this isn’t a “cute-looking” “what if” in Salesforce that calculates 10% of the opportunity value; Performio’s solution caters to real-life scenarios.

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