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Take Control of How You Manage Commissions

Break free from the complications of managing incentive compensation…So you can focus on driving performance

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Incentive Compensation is Complex

Simplify Your Commission Process with Performio

Companies struggle with countless days and weeks spent on complex, manual calculations, overpayments, and a lack of transparency. We believe the commissions process should be streamlined and efficient, so you can spend your time driving business growth and optimizing incentive plans to motivate your teams.

Build & Calculate Comp Plans

Automatically calculate sales commissions with a few clicks. Build new compensation plans and add new participants on the fly, without having to call in professional services.

Auditing & Compliance Tools

Audit logs automatically track calculations or adjustments, making it easier for you to monitor for compliance. And when the end of the quarter comes, you’ll have everything you need.

Pre-Built Comp Plan Components

Powerful and simple sales commission software with fast, expert-led implementations. Pre-built plan components make it quick and easy to build and change compensation plans.

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Automate Your Sales Compensation Process

Automate sales commission calculations, prevent overpayments, and say goodbye to the stress of calculating sales compensation. 

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Make Sales Compensation Management Hassle-Free

Performio's ICM software will transform the way you calculate sales commissions. Built for simplicity but able to handle complexity.

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Security & Trust

Performio has a security-first mindset that informs how we build our product, implement internal policies and processes, and architect our infrastructure. From obtaining global certifications such as SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II to providing role-based visibility and comprehensive audit logs, security and trust is first at Performio. We focus on keeping your data safe, so you can focus on running a successful incentive compensation program.

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Sales PerformanceManagement

Improve team performance through transparent reporting for all members of the team. So everyone from C-suite to sales leaders, and sales comp admins to sales reps have a clear picture of performance by the numbers.

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Data Management

With the most powerful data transformation capabilities in the industry, Performio will import your sales, accounting, and people data. We adapt to your data format, not the other way around, there’s no change to how you format data.

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Data Integrations

Easily connect to your sales data systems to extract all the data you need. Easily push data back to Salesforce and payroll and share it across your entire tech stack. This streamlines functionality and reporting keeping it all together.


Performio lets you add new columns to existing reports, create entirely new reports, or even add new plan rules. Complex yet flexible creating reports with full transparency ensures everyone has eyes on performance to make informed decisions.

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Supercharge Your Reporting

Explore Performio’s Analytics Studio

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