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Incentive Compensation Management

Powerful, easy-to-use sales commission software with fast, expert-led implementations. Pre-built components make building and changing plans simple.

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Rated 4.6 in Sales Commission Software


Incentive Compensation Management Software

Automate Your Sales Compensation Process

Automate your sales commission calculations, prevent overpayments, and say goodbye to the stress of calculating sales compensation.

Incentive Compensation Management

Make Sales Compensation Management Hassle-free

Performio incentive compensation management software will transform the way you calculate sales commissions. With over 14 years of solving sales comp challenges for companies big and small, we are ready to handle your company’s unique sales comp needs.

Easy To Configure Incentive Software

Easy to manage

With our pre-built data transforms and incentive plan components, there is no need to write complex crediting rules or commission formulas. Have confidence that when your comp plans change, you can make the modifications yourself. 

Enterprise Grade Incentive Software Features

Enterprise-grade features

Scale with confidence. Our customers range from 30 to 3,000 sales reps, all on one platform. Enterprise-grade means powerful workflows, advanced reporting capabilities, auto-schedulers, world-class security, and robust audit logs.

Easy to Use Incentive Software

Fast Implementations

Sales comp is complicated, your setup does not have to be. Our team of experts will configure your system and set you up for success. We give you a dedicated customer success manager and free support so you're always in good hands.

Valued by leading organizations globally

We’ve saved more than one million administrative hours and calculated more than $2 billion in sales compensation.

Best Sales Incentive Compensation Management Software

See what our customers are saying and what makes Performio a leading Incentive Compensation Management solution.

Best Sales Incentive Compensation Management Software


“I used to pull out my hair with the complicated and time-intensive ways of doing calculations. Now there’s so much less stress with Performio. I feel confident in the system because it makes such a difference to our salespeople, they can focus on making sales, not figuring out if they are paid correctly.”

Nicole Horan, Finance Business Partner - Retail Channels


Vodafone Case Study

“Performio is a great product with excellent support and it is now a key part of our sales incentive management process.”

Mark Healy, Managing Director AU/NZ

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Sales Compensation Management Software

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