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Marketing & Advertising Industry

Marketing and Advertising Industry

Marketing and advertising organizations have complex data and complicated sales crediting rules. You need a sales commission software platform that is both powerful and easy to use.

See why some of the biggest names in marketing and advertising like JCDecaux, REA, and Simpli.fi use Performio's incentive compensation management software.

Sales comp for marketing and advertising at a glance

  • Common Data Sources: Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday, Oracle, and SAP.
  • Common Sales Incentive Plan Components: Advertising revenue, OTE modeling, ranking reports, and ad spend quotas.
  • Common Sales Comp challenges: Complex crediting rules, multiple data sources.

Easily automate your sales commission calculations

Campaign and usage data from multiple sources? Frequent account assignment changes? Complex sales crediting rules? No problem! 

Performio is the most flexible sales commission software on the market, making it easy to import, enrich and transform your data no matter how complex your plans are. Stop spending hours in Excel and let Performio do the work for you.

Clearly communicate commissions to your reps

Marketing and advertising companies have complex sales crediting rules. With the overlap of agencies, brands, resellers, and territories - sales comp gets complicated fast.

With Performio your reps can see all the deals they are getting credit for. So your reps feel confident they’re being taken care of and you spend less time dealing with compensation disputes.

Generate actionable insights from your sales comp data that you can’t get anywhere else

Imagine easily reporting on all of your sales compensation data from one centralized place. With Performio, you can view sales rep performance with leaderboards, aggregate commissions across products and territories, and identify ineffective sales commission plans. You will wonder how you ever lived without access to all your sales comp data.

Performio excels at automating sales compensation for marketing and advertising companies

With over 15 years of experience, Performio has successfully partnered with many marketing & advertising companies to solve their sales commission challenges. These are just some of the world-class organizations we are working with:

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Find out why IT services companies like Ascend Technologies, Service Express, and Yorktel picked Performio for their sales.


Find out why cybersecurity companies like Cybereason, Fortified Health Security, and Ava Unified Security picked Performio.

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