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Drive OperationalEfficiencies & OptimizeRevenue While Reducing Costs

With Best-in-Class Incentive Compensation Management Software for Media & Advertising:

  • Out-of-the-box Media & Advertising Reports & Dashboards
  • Pre-configured Media & Advertising Plans
  • Data Model Built for Media & Advertising

Trusted by Leading
Media & Advertising Businesses Worldwide

Performio helps media and advertising organizations optimize costs and drive growth by keeping teams focused and motivated on achieving sales goals. Our ICM helps to reward behavior focused on sales and performance, deliver actionable insights to leaders, and improve the overall effectiveness of your sales compensation plan.
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Designed to Handle all
Media & Advertising Roles and Plans

Includes Pre-Built
Compensation Plans

  • National Sales Reps
  • Regional Sales Reps
  • National Account Managers
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Executives
  • Growth Manager
  • SDR
  • Support Manager

Includes Component
Accelerators & Kickers

  • Bookings & Invoiced
  • Revenue
  • Conversion Rate (SDR)
  • Campaign Performance (Reach, Engagement, Conversion Rate, Impressions)
  • Customer Spend Retention
  • SPIFs
  • Draws & Guarantees
  • Tiered Commission Rates
  • MBOs

How Performio Can Help

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Increase Sales Performance

During times when customers cut budgets or change buying behaviors, sales targets can be more difficult to reach. A powerful automated ICM will help you optimize incentive programs to adapt to dynamic market needs and align with business goals to drive individual, team, sales, and product performance. With a simple self-serve interface, you’ll have the agility to be growth-oriented, respond to market volatility, and prevent incentive program gamification.
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Transparency to Motivate Your Teams

A powerful self-service ICM like Performio gives you the visibility you need to keep everyone focused and motivated. Data visualizations and executive dashboards give visibility across the business, so you always know how your comp plans are performing. Stay agile and apply the latest compensation trends to attract top talent while retaining high performers. Boost employee engagement and support business goals that will foster a culture of accountability and results-driven behavior.
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Optimize Your Tech Stack

Access to incentive comp data to help align sales goals with your overall business strategy. This helps media and advertising organizations remove operational inefficiencies and eliminate high costs related to a homegrown or Excel based ICM. By Integrating your tech stack you’ll gain powerful insights for executives, sales, finance, and admins while ensuring all systems are connected for full data visibility. 

Built for Media & Advertising

At Performio, we’ve implemented hundreds of incentive comp plans for Media & Advertising businesses over the past 15 years. Now, we have taken this experience and built the first incentive commission software designed specifically for the Media & Advertising Industry.

  • Built-in sales extensive crediting functionality, including territory and roll-up for managers crediting
  • Integration with leading ERP systems, Salesforce and custom internal sources
  • Integration with leading ERP systems, Salesforce and custom internal sources
  • Supports complicated data structure
  • Self-serve plan management for frequently changing goals and year-end true-ups
  • Goal-based/bonus & commission-per-sale or tiered commissions for all roles
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual quotas out-of-the-box
  • Supporting internal and agency sales 
  • MBO module
  • Payee & team performance for managers plus leaderboards
  • Personalized, insightful, powerful dashboards for leadership
  • Sales reps dashboards & commission statements
  • Mobile app for access anytime
Driving Campaign Optimization
High Degree of Plan Variability
Balancing Direct vs Agency Sales
Incomplete, Messy or Complex Data
Complicated & Complex Crediting
Consumption-based Calculation Issues
Sales Results Visibility & Dispute Resolution for Reps
Sales Rep Attraction & Retention
Manager Reporting

Media & Advertising
Data Visualizations & Dashboards


Performio Helps
Media & Advertising Organizations:

Save Time
and Automate

Sales Commission

Optimize Costs
& Enhance Efficiency

Reduce Over And


Drive Growth
& Revenue

With Easy-to-self-manage
Winning Incentive Programs


Enable Transparency
& Retain Talent

Motivate, Lead, and Inspire Your
Teams with Real-time Commissions


Strategic Insights

To drive business


Empower Technical
& Digital Transformation

By Optimizing and Integrating
Your Tech Stack

ICM Technology that
Serves Your Entire Business

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