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Medical Devices

Getting life-changing innovations to patients is not easy. Medical Device companies face long and complex sales cycles, high compliance requirements, and fierce competition for the best reps. And of course, those reps are selling into a rapidly changing industry. The days of the doctor-as-decision maker are fading fast and being replaced by Value Analysis Committees that require a deeper financial and clinical skill set to sell to. With challenges like these, Medical Device companies need an easy way to calculate and communicate sales compensation so their reps can stay focused on selling.

Learn why medical device companies like Johnson & Johnson, Dräger, Shockwave Medical, and United Imaging have switched to Performio's ICM software.

Sales Comp for Medical Devices at a glance

  • Common Data Sources: Salesforce, Veeva, QAD Adaptive, Oracle, SAP, data warehouses.
  • Common Sales Incentive Plan Components: Order volume, net revenue, service revenue, draws, guarantees, MBOs.
  • Common Sales Comp Challenges: Complex sales crediting rules with multiple overrides, handling rollups & territories, incorporating MBOs.

Easily automate your sales commission process

Sales compensation is critical for medical device companies to get right. Whether your reps are selling consumables, implantables, orthopedics, or capital equipment, they expect accurate commission information and they expect it fast. Performio makes it easy to incorporate draws, guarantees, multiple data sources, complex crediting, and quarterly true-ups to easily automate your entire sales compensation process.

Clearly communicate commissions and performance data to your sales reps

Reps in the field often have limited information into orders and returns, but if they don’t trust their commissions they’ll still spend time on their own “shadow accounting”. With Performio you can turn how you communicate pay & performance into a strategic advantage to keep your reps motivated. With Performio your reps will get a real-time look into their performance to plan and their commission details, so they will be confident they’re being paid accurately and on time. Our Mobile App keeps field reps up-to-date and Single-SIgn On means one less password to remember.

Get actionable insights from sales data you can’t get anywhere else

Once you automate your commissions with Performio, you’ll unlock deep insights in your data. See your sales force’s actual performance to plan, uncover under-performing territories, and see where you may be incentivizing the wrong behaviors (e.g. discounting). With Performio’s configurable reporting you will arm your executives and sales leadership team to better achieve your market share and growth plans.

Performio excels at automating sales commissions for medical device companies

Performio has over 15 years of experience partnering with medical device companies to solve their sales commission challenges. Here are just some of the world-class medical device organizations we work with:

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