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Expedite the management of your sales team and help make your HR staff more productive with Performio for telecommunications. Our progressive software—the cost of which averages less than one percent of your company’s total commissions—helps you focus on driving revenue by motivating sales members, as well as dramatically reducing the commission corrections HR has to make every month.

Performio’s commission software for telecommunications offers a better way to track sales compensation for telecommunications companies. 

Our intelligent software is designed with a host of features that help your telecommunications business motivate your sales force, cut costs and maximize revenue, all at a highly affordable price. Flexible, scalable and easy-to-use, Performio keeps your data safe yet accessible for your sales force and executives.

Sales Commission Software for Telecommunications Businesses

Commissions are rarely a simple business, incorporating multiple customer variables to try and model commissions more closely to the value of the sale. By the time a commissions calculation is formulated, it can look quite complex, which isn’t always a good thing for commissions calculation methods. Whether your processes are manual or spreadsheet-assisted, a single miscalculation can compound over time, resulting in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of errors as you under or overpay sales employees. This problem is especially pronounced for larger sales teams.

Not only can these issues harm your business in lost revenue and increased labor costs, but they can negatively impact your business’ relationship with its sales force. Avoid these issues by implementing Performio’s sales compensation software for telecommunications companies.

Why Us?

Performio is the best sales compensation software for telecommunications companies, mitigating the problems associated with manual sales commission management and handling it with an easy-to-use, highly accurate software that helps your business implement best practices. Our performance-boosting features include:

  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Performio is optimized for beginning users, with intuitive setups and highly visual dashboards. Set up your dashboard easily with point-and-click setups, and view it all through our mobile interface. With this easy-to-use setup, your sales force can start using Performio in their daily operations and make every day game day with our dashboards, leaderboards and concise reporting to motivate their performance.
  • Accurate Systems: For both compliance and revenue purposes, your business needs to maintain a high level of accuracy. Performio can help with a highly accurate commission calculator system. Simply configure your commission structure with our extensive library of calculations and eliminate hidden costs of incentive compensation management. Additionally, our transparent reporting system helps your business maintain compliance with regulatory organizations.
  • Performance Tracking: Improved performance is the main goal of any sales force, and Performio can help you get ahead and stay ahead. Performio analyzes your sales and commission data to glean valuable insights into your performance, so you can identify trends and warning signs before it’s too late. Intelligent alerts send trend information to your business’ executives in real-time, so your business can make better decisions based on real data, instead of hearsay.

These essential functions all come at an incredibly affordable price, averaging less than a percentage point of a business’ total commissions, maximizing your return on investment. Since our sales commission software was launched in 2006, Performio has calculated over $300 million in commission payments, saving more than 500,000 administration hours for telecommunications businesses. You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

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