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Drive Profitable Growth, Innovation & Performance

With best-in-class incentive compensation management software:

  • Out-of-the-box Telecom Reports and Dashboards
  • Pre-configured Telecom Planst
  • Data Model Built for Telecom

Trusted by Leading
Telecom Businesses Worldwide

Performio helps Telecom companies to drive profitable growth and innovation in a fast-changing market. We support Telecommunications leaders with impactful insights to build sales strategies, create incentive programs aligned with business goals, retain top talent, and leverage digital transformation for growth.
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Designed to Handle all
Telecom Roles and Plans

Includes Pre-Built
Compensation Plans

  • Sales Reps/Regional Sales Reps
  • Retail Sales Associate/Store Manager
  • National Account Managers
  • Business Development Manager
  • Telecom Solutions Consultant
  • Channel Manager
  • Sales Leadership (Manager, Director, VP)
  • Enterprise & Government Sales

Includes Component
Accelerators & Kickers

  • New ARR/ACV
  • Renewal ARR/ACV
  • Tiered Accelerators
  • Bundle Sales
  • Churn Rate
  • Draws & guarantees
  • SPIFs
  • Clawbacks
  • MBOs
  • Mobile activation
  • Recognition programs
  • Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

How Performio Can Help

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Increase Sales Performance& Motivate Your Teams

Automate ICM for powerful insights to strategically drive individual, team, sales, and product performance. Easily optimize incentive programs to adapt to dynamic market needs and align with business goals. Reward behaviors aligned with business outcomes and stimulate competitive sales nature with leaderboards while providing transparency to foster trust, motivate teams, and reduce turnover.  
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Risk Management - Governance & Compliance

Homegrown ICM solutions come with significant security risks along with significant data transparency concerns that make audit and compliance difficult. Performio helps streamline processes and reduce risks like missed payments, over/under payments, ensuring proper governance over high dollar payouts and other incentives paid out. Stay responsive to regulatory changes and compliance requirements that come up all too often in this industry.

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Digital Transformation - Upgrade Legacy ICM Practices

Using a modern ICM platform removes operational inefficiencies that cause bottlenecks throughout the organization. It also eliminates high costs related to homegrown solutions or formula and rule heavy spreadsheets, investments in infrastructure, equipment, and talent to ensure these systems operate and are maintained. Performio lets you integrate your tech stack for powerful insights across the business including executives, sales, finance, and sales comp admins.
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Optimize Costand Enhance Efficiency

Save time with automated commission calculations and eliminate unnecessary costs related to miscalculations. With access to ICM insights, you’llbe able to understand incentive program effectiveness and its impact on budgets. Create programs that reward efficiency and operational enhancements, like actions that reduce costs and improve performance through metrics such as downtime reduction, better service times, and more effective resource use. With a simple self-serve interface, you’ll have the agility to be growth-oriented, to respond to market volatility and supply chain disruptions, while preventing incentive program gamification.

Built for Telecom

At Performio, we’ve implemented hundreds of incentive comp plans for Telecom businesses over the past 15 years. Now, we have taken this experience and built the first incentive commission software designed specifically for the Telecom Industry.

  • Supports new sales, upgrades, renewals, average revenue per user (ARPU) etc.
  • Complex logic to calculate hold & release, clawbacks and guarantees
  • Integration with CDG, leading ERP systems and custom internal sources
  • Built-in sales crediting functionality with product and territory hierarchies 
  • Out-of-the box monthly, quarterly, annual OTE schemes with multiple • weighted components, tiers & accelerators, guarantee & advances
  • Supporting plans for hunters, farmers, managers, SEs, inside/outside sales
  • Supporting retail, business and franchise and partner/channel sales
  • Goal-based/bonus & commission-per-sale for all roles 
  • Sales reps dashboards & commission statements with access to mobile • app anytime
  • Leader boards and non cash incentive reporting for sales achiever and • channel programs
  • Payee & team performance for managers plus leaderboards
  • Personalized, insightful, powerful dashboards for leadership
Complex Product & ServiceOfferings with FrequentPrice/Promo Changes
Frequent TerritoryChanges
Incentivizing Directand Channel Sales
Sales ResultsVisibility for Reps
Complicated Territories& Complex Crediting
Gross MarginCalculation Issues
Incomplete, Messy,or Complex Data
Complicated Territories& Complex Crediting
Manager Reporting

Visualizations & Dashboards
Built for Telecom


Performio Helps
Telecom Organizations:

Save Time
and Automate

Sales Commission

Optimize Costs
& Enhance Efficiency

Reduce Over And


Empower Technical &
Digital Transformation

By Optimizing & Integrating
Your Tech Stack


Enable Transparency
& Retain Talent

Motivate, Lead, & Inspire your Teams
with Real-Time Commissions


Strategic Insights

To drive business


Drive Growth
& Revenue

With Easy-to-self-manage
Winning ICM

ICM Technology that
Serves Your Entire Business

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