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Best Practices for Increasing Sales Commission Transparency

Learn how Optus, the second-largest telecommunications company in Australia, streamlined their sales commissions process and dramatically improved transparency for sales reps, managers, and executives alike. Today they leverage Performio to manage commissions for 2500 sales reps, representing 40% of their employee base, across 12 business units.

Customer Spotlight - How a Leading Telecommunications Company, Optus, Manages Commissions for 2500 Sales Reps.

Discover how Optus overcame these sales compensation challenges:

  • Outgrown their legacy in-house solution
  • Inefficient and manual Excel-based process
  • Highly complex plans that change frequently
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Source system data issues

In addition, you will get best practice advice on selecting and implementing an incentive compensation management solution.


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