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Managing Incentives and Bonuses with Performio

Performio is the leading sales commission software for the modern enterprise. Sales teams around the world rely on Performio for accurate management of their sales commission plans.

Did you know that Performio can also help you take back control of your enterprise-wide program of incentives, SPIF's, bonuses, and even customer rebates?

Our customers around the globe use Performio for a number of additional use cases including:

  1. Sales support bonus and incentive plans
  2. MBO and KPI-based incentive compensation
  3. Contact center performance & recognition programs
  4. Channel incentive programs
  5. Executive scorecards and bonuses
  6. Customer rebates

Similar to sales plans, these programs benefit from the data management, calculation and reporting capabilities of Performio.

Customer’s enjoy additional benefits from an enterprise approach in terms of

Here’s a rundown on where and how Performio can help:

1 Sales support bonus and incentive plans

Who: Professional services teams, customers success roles or any other role that supports customer acquisition and retention.

How: Performio can integrate all relevant performance data, apply incentive bonus rules and prepare payroll files across multiple countries and currencies.

Benefits: Users typically don’t need access to Performio - they will receive their payment notice via payroll or they can receive a detailed statement from Performio. All incentive payments are tracked and managed in the same place as your sales program.

2 MBO and KPI-based incentive compensation

Who: Any sales or non sales role on incentive compensation with a “MBO” or “KPI” style component.

How: MBO and KPI results data can be integrated with HRIS or managed within Performio and Performio can handle all calculations and reporting. Performio provides a robust and flexible data management framework for capturing all MBO and KPI details, commentary and approvals.

What: Performio provides a level of robust data control and rigor not available with other approaches using spreadsheets and email threads. Ensure that your MBO program actually achieves a true bell curve of performance and reward so that everyone is not paid at 100%.

3. Contact center performance & recognition programs

Who: Contact center roles are also highly driven by metrics and KPIs. 

How: Performio can integrate with your contact center systems and apply your own custom rules for defining performance and calculating incentives and reward (eg. points-based programs).

Benefits: Single portal for all performance and reward information.

4. Channel incentive programs

Who: Third party channel programs such as tactical incentives, loyalty programs, annual incentive trips and more.

How: Performio territory, product and participant hierarchies are purpose designed for channel programs. The data management and calculation engine can be configured to support a wide variety of channel program rules and reward structures. Registration and workflow processes and content management modules are ideal for partner onboarding.

Benefits: Get your channel programs out of excel and into the cloud for better data management and engaging reporting and dashboards for program participants and managers.

5. Executive scorecards and bonuses

Who: Executives, business unit managers, etc who are paid quarterly or annually bonuses or short term incentives.

How: All the commission management features in Performio are relevant to these programs’ requirements. The results data is usually different than traditional incentive comp (EBITDA, total revenue at the divisional level, etc), or it is a combination of objectives and ‘soft’ measures,  but Performio is architected to handle all of this in one place.

Benefits: Record all data pertaining to bonuses securely in the cloud. This data includes all the relevant details of how the bonus was calculated, as well as approvals and audit trails. 

6. Channel partner rebates

Who: Typically finance and wholesale businesses that remit rebates to channel partners or agents and dealer groups.

How: Performio has the performance capability to handle the large data volumes usually associated with rebate programs.

Benefits: Trust Performio to be your system of record for what is often a very large line item on your income statement. Performio is SOC1 and SOC2 compliant providing peace of mind in terms of security and the financial control needed for these programs. 

Commercial benefits

Performio can tailor pricing according to the business value. For example, you might have 5,000 channel partners but only 100 that deliver meaningful revenue. We can customize a proposal for your unique needs that ensures you can achieve a return on investment.


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