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What Customers Are Saying About Performio

What Customers Are Saying About Performio

If Performio is on your shortlist, you're in good company. Several organizations are turning to Performio sales performance management to automate their sales commission calculations and reporting.

To save you the time and trouble of researching those users' experience, here's a representative sample of what Performio's sales commission administrators have to say.

Accurate commissions

"Today, errors are really a non-event. So that's been a huge time saver. Plus, as we're recruiting and onboarding new sales reps, it's really nice to have something that looks as nice as Performio does that we can introduce them to. That's been really big for us, too."

Brian Maring, Senior Financial Analyst, Service Express, provider of third-party data center maintenance

Transparent reporting

"The biggest thing Performio is doing is giving our salespeople transparency into what's making up their numbers so they can see every day what they've sold—and what their commission is month to date. I think having that level of transparency is huge for sales."

Brandon Graham, Incentive Compensation Manager, OnDeck, provider of loans and credits to small businesses

Out-of-the-box ready

"Performio ticked all our boxes from reporting to scalability and ease of use. We could understand it right out of the box and make changes ourselves without having to customize it. Performio is automatically upgraded on a regular basis. When we rolled it out to all of our salespeople, we didn't have to do any additional training because it was that easy to understand."

Nicole Horan, Head of Finance Operations and Commissions Governance, Vodafone Australia, one of the top three Telcos on the continent

Easy to use

"I could give to 100 people access to Performio and I think that at least 99 of them would be able to figure out how to get their scorecard information for the month pretty simply on their own without any training at all. That's huge."

Joe Briegel, Finance Manager, Veeva, provider of marketing software for pharmaceutical companies


"When we explained our process, most of the other companies scratched their heads and were like, 'Yeah, we're going to have to think about how to incorporate that.' But Performio quickly understood it. So much so they actually showed us how they'd handle this scenario in one of the demos we walked through. In my mind, Performio was way better than anything else we saw."

Brian Maring, Service Express


"I don't think any other company would provide the value that Performio has just from a customer service perspective. All these commission tools are basically doing the same thing. So, what separates one company from another? For Performio I would say it's hands down their support. It's nearly instantaneous with them, where I'll get an answer within a couple of hours."

Krysten Macklosky, Lead Finance Analyst, Validity, optimizer of email marketing, data management, and more

In summary

"Fast, accurate, dependable. That's Performio."

Shekhar Seera, Founder and Principal at Circulant Solutions, provider of data and analytics to pharmaceutical companies

About Performio

Performio sales performance, incentive compensation, and analytic tools accurately calculate and report sales commissions, no matter how complicated the compensation plan.

Salespeople receive timely, easy-to-read reports and leader-board rankings. Management quickly learns what incentives are working and which are not, as well as how salespeople are performing. Miscalculations are mitigated, performance is elevated.

A SaaS-based system, Performio has saved more than 500,000 administrative hours and calculated more than a billion dollars in commissions.

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