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What Elite Salespeople Do Differently and How You Can Spend Less to Sell More

We are sharing the practice in sales performance management with strategies to attract and retain ‘Elite’ performers and scare off salary hunters.

The takeaway from the event is as businesses reduce the number of sales staff, they need to figure out how to maintain a low Compensation Cost of Sale (CCOS).

The biggest thing on our attendees’ minds at this event was whether or not they’re an Elite Performer in their field. The second biggest question was whether or not they had access to the necessary data.

Guest speaker Gary Delbridge from Objective Assessment Insights, Australia’s leading Sales Force Training and Coaching organization, shared some fascinating facts on a top performer’s mindset, behaviors, and insight into their discipline. A stand out the fact is that only 6% of salespeople were considered 'Elite' from a survey of over 900,000.

David Marshall, Founder of Performio discussed what constitutes as best practice in incentive compensation, with strategies to attract and retain 'Elite' performers while scaring off salary hunters.

How can we spend less, and sell more?

Spend less by utilizing Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) software to reduce operational overheads, avoid overpayments and shadow accounting.

Sell more by providing salespeople with the clarity of pay, performance, healthy competition, transparency and ability for this data on demand.

As Australia’s largest end-to-end solution for sales incentive compensation design and execution, we’ve pioneered ICM software in the Cloud helping Australia’s leading sales teams drive better business results.


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