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Why A Little Competition Is Good For Your Sales

Why A Little Competition Is Good For Your Sales

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Why A Little Competition Is Good For Your Sales

In this video, David Marshall - founder, will step you through examples of motivational incentives that drive competition without wrecking your team ethos.

Competition inspires employees to stretch their limits. One person might struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but he will persevere when he sees teammates knocking down those same obstacles. Everyone wants to feel strong and capable, and competition makes them abandon their excuses to push through adversity.

Sales professionals, for instance, tend to be competitive by nature, with themselves and others. If goals are clear, they will try their best at hitting sales targets. Healthy competition helps sales professionals perform and succeed with passion, stamina, and confidence.


On the other hand, unhealthy competition is a cancer. When team members are out for themselves and there are politics within the company, it causes others to react selfishly, too, and soon nobody views their success within the context of the organization. When colleagues begin picking at each other, tearing each other down, and snatching leads from underneath one another, unhealthy competition has set in. This is what must be avoided.

Salespeople who understand healthy competition and performance ranking will challenge themselves, but not at the expense of others. They know they’ll face highs and lows in their careers, and they put in effort regardless of whether they’re shooting sales bull’s-eyes or woefully missing the target.

Having a little competition within your company encourages your employees to go the extra mile, learn from one another, and enjoy the fruits of success.

Healthy competition not only inspires your employees, but it also strengthens teams. When colleagues root for each other and support one another’s growth, everyone wins — especially your company.

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