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Sales Performance Management

Unleash your agility and power confident decisions that drive performance. See how Performio’s unique strengths will result in you spending less time paying for performance and more time driving sales performance.

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Sales Performance Management

February 2020

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Flexible Plan Design

Incentive Compensation Plans are all different, and for good reason. Our platform embraces this idea and marries it with an extensive library of plan elements to drive faster ROI. For those edge case where you need to create something custom, our plan designer eliminates the complex workarounds that plague traditional tools. You get up and running fast, and you enjoy the benefit of secure, fully auditable commission processing.


Live Data Management and Connectors

Data is the biggest hurdle for smooth agile incentive compensation. Traditional compensation tools are rigid and mean days of data manipulation, cleansing and error tracing. We believe in a different approach where the system conforms to your data and instead of regularly dumping buckets of data in, we have adaptable, pre-built pipes so your data flows in when ready. No more painful ETL processes, no more data errors. This is the key to an agile, accurate process.


Performance Reporting and Dashboards

The difference between paying for performance and driving performance is in the sales experience. Traditional compensation tools are so complex to use, that there’s a huge delay between deal closure and a sales person even seeing their commission, let alone receiving it! Because of our live data approach, you can better motivate your sales teams and agents by showing all their performance metrics, leaderboards, commission payouts, estimates and what if calculators, on desktop and mobile. These all help to drive up the production across your sales channels.


Sales Rep Portal

Differences of opinions and queries can become a huge expense in any compensation program unless they are resolved quickly. Our workflow and chat options will help streamline and resolve issues. When those edge cases occur, our powerful override capabilities mean you can take care of them quickly with full audit history, workflows and controls.


Financial Planning and Compliance

Sales compensation is a huge variable expense and there are strict guidelines governing how it’s accounted. We help you comply with rules such as ASC606 and ASC340. We also provide you simulation and forecast capabilities to more accurately predict commission expense and manage accruals. Your data can also provide critical insight on coverage models, sales capacity planning and territory designs, to ensure your team is optimally setup to exceed your targets.


Security & Trust

Performio’s SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance means we’re committed to the security of our customer’s data, so you can focus on your sales reps and customers. We assess our security controls for adequate organizational systems, and vendors are assessed by security audit certifications and security training -- and once they’re in, we assess vendors at regular intervals throughout the year to monitor their risk.


Beautiful user interface

Easy-to-read dashboards graphically show each salesperson their completed sales, commissions earned, and leaderboard ranking.

Flexible reporting

Easily configure reports or new plans on the fly. All without having to rely on help from us or your IT department.

Gain insights

Access any data to generate any report you need. Evaluate trends and performance; make evidence-based decisions.

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Incentive Compensation

Eliminate the pain of calculating sales comp, easily communicate sales comp to reps and management.

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Data Management

Performio has the most powerful data transformation capabilities in the industry. We’ll import your sales, accounting, and people data as-is.

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Data Integrations

Easily connect to your sales data systems to extract all the data you need. Easily push data back to Salesforce and payroll.

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Performio is designed to allow you to add new columns to existing reports, create entirely new reports, or even add new plan rules.

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