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Enterprise-grade features that are easy to use

With 15+ years of experience automating commissions for hundreds of customers across the world, Performio has achieved a perfect balance of flexibility and usability.


Connect your CRM, ERP, and HRIS to Performio and start automating sales compensation processes.



Use a modular and easy-to-use tool for scheduling all your sales comp processes and commission calculations.


Calculation Library

Our out-of-the-box sales commission calculation library helps your business achieve a faster ROI from your sales commission plans.


Chat as Workflow

Get payments approved quickly and accurately with our sophisticated hierarchies and job role access. Reduce costs and risks - and keep your team focused on sales.


Commission Overrides

Our override feature provides incentive compensation management (ICM) administrators a trackable way of handling disputed cases and edge situations.


Commission Table

The commission table is a complete record of all transactions with each transaction properly credited to each person. Quickly view any transaction or credit with our powerful search functionality.


Custom Importers

Easily set up and maintain importers for all your source data files, reference data files, and any other data.


Custom Tables

Our custom tables make it easier than ever to upload your sales commission data to Performio's incentive compensation management platform.

Leave manual spreadsheets behind and make calculating sales commissions a snap.



Dynamic sales performance dashboards display payment and performance data based on a user’s role in the organization.



With Performio, sales comp professionals and analysts, can forecast any value, any result, any achievement percentage, and virtually anything else related to compensation.



Our easy-to-read leaderboards leverage your sales team’s competitive spirit to drive results.


Participant Sync

Performio’s Participant Sync helps streamline user integration for employees and channel partners for automated sales compensation management.



ICM administrators have full access to create reports and manage which ones are published to end users.



Automate the most underrated part of sales commissions, performance management, sales crediting, and rollups.


Rules and Conditions

With this module, you can create unique rule sets per plan. Your rules act as an overlay to the commission plans you build in Performio.


Salesforce Integration

Our integration with Salesforce helps convert opportunities into commission payments, seamlessly syncing all of your organization’s data.


Systems Integration

Access Performio via intranet link or via a custom tab within Salesforce. Performio is also on the OKTA and Azure exchanges and supports ADFS.


Task Manager

Never underestimate the power of a checklist. Performio provides the ability to document processes within the ICM administration interface.


Unique Architecture

Our unique architecture is designed to deliver high-performance sales compensation automation setups.


What-If Calculator

This highly efficient tool helps your salespeople better understand the mechanics of their sales compensation plan.

Performio is the only enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software that’s easy to use and gets you up and running in weeks.

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Our Differences

Easily and quickly calculate sales commissions, keep your sales team happier and motivated, and gain insights from data to help you make evidence-based decisions.

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Security & Trust

Performio’s SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance means we’re committed to the security of our customer’s data, so you can focus on your sales reps and customers.

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