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Sales Commission Data Management

Performio has the most powerful data transformation capabilities in the industry. We'll import your sales, accounting, and people data as-is. There's no need for you to prepare it for commissions, let Performio do the work for you. 

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Rated 4.6 in Sales Commission Software


Sales Commission Data Science

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights

You have sales data coming from your CRM, billing & invoice data from your ERP, and people data from your HCM. No worries, we've got your back. Easily connect all of your source data systems to Performio via flat file uploads, SFTP, APIs, or integrations.

Sales Commission Data Management

How to turn your data into actionable insights

Performio sales commission software will quickly transform the way you calculate sales commissions. Our solution works great as is right out of the box. Or you can easily tailor it to fit your company’s unique comp plans and specific needs. The result? Ludicrously fast and smooth implementations.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate calculation errors

Define precise rules to calculate commissions down to the last detail. Eliminate calculation errors and the time it takes to correct them.

Configure reports on the fly

Configure reports on the fly

Easily build and configure reports on the fly. There’s no need to define all reports at implementation.

Transform Data

Connect to your source data

Easily connect to your sales data systems to extract all the data you need. Easily push data back to Salesforce and payroll.

Valued by leading organizations globally

Over $2 billion dollars in commissions calculated and over 1 million administrative hours saved.

Best Sales Commission Data Management

See what our customers are saying and why they're managing sales commission data with Performio.

Best Sales Commission Data Management


“We’ve used Xactly in the past, but you call them and it’s 6 months before they’ll make a change. So we looked at Javelin from ZS Associates, Synygy, Performio, and others. We had no vested interest in the outcome, only that our client was happy with the solution. We partnered with Performio. We know the pharma industry and the complexity of its incentive plans. Performio knows how to easily automate the process. It’s a good fit.”

Shekhar Seera, Founder and Principal

Circulant Solutions

Software Industry Case Study

“We are really happy with Performio. The product helps us drive automation and continuous improvement. I have been involved in a number of software implementations and Performio has been by far the smoothest. The end result exceeded expectations.”

Andrea Haviley, Director, Financial Planning & Analytics

Veeva Systems

Software Case Study

Sales Compensation Analytics

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