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Security & Trust at Performio

Protecting your data is embedded in everything we do


We take protecting your source data and commission data seriously. We have a security-first mindset that informs how we build our product, implement internal policies & processes, and architect our infrastructure. From obtaining global certifications such as SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II to providing role-based visibility and comprehensive audit logs, security & trust is paramount at Performio. We will focus on keeping your data safe, so you can focus on running a successful incentive compensation program.

Here are just some of the ways we protect your data


Built-in security

From phishing prevention and secure passwords to safe internet browsing and physical security, we have a security-first mentality with extensive training and controls. Firewalls are maintained at all edge locations and between all system components with change detection and regular firewall rule reviews in place.


3rd-party Penetration Testing

Periodic penetration testing of our SaaS environment is performed by an independent testing provider to ensure system security is maintained in the face of constant new threats.



Have confidence knowing that Performio is designed for high performance and availability and built on best-in-class technology like Amazon Web Services (AWS).


24x7 Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring our organization for threats to prevent potential system abuse, configuration changes, or data alteration. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Role-based visibility

Never fear sending commission results to the wrong person again. Our highly configurable sales rep portal is built on your organizations hierarchies and visibility is based on roles, not individuals. So managers can see their team’s data (if you choose), but team members cannot see each other’s data.


Full Encryption

All cloud database storage is encrypted at rest. For customers who upload data to Performio, we offer customers the option of PGP data encryption for file level protection in our environment. HTTPS is enforced for all traffic to Performio.co.


Detailed Audit Logs

All user activity, security, and system events are logged and audit logs can be viewed with the application by a system administrator.


AWS Best Practices

We protect your data with state of the art Amazon Web Services (AWS) security tooling and audit services. All data is safely protected within our AWS cloud infrastructure on secure private networks. All systems are designed utilizing AWS best practices with multiple layers of defense.



Performio supports multiple SSO and authentication options.


Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen and you need to be ready to act when they do. Performio ensures multiple redundant copies of data are retained securely and separately. We regularly test and update our disaster recovery plans so that if the worst does happen we can ensure your data is safely restored and services are back up and running quickly.

SOC I Type II and SOC II Type II Certified

Performio is regularly audited by Armanino, LLC to ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards around data controls. We provide our customers with regularly refreshed SOC I Type II and SOC II Type II audit reports prepared by Armanino. The SOC I report covers internal controls over financial reporting and the SOC II report covers controls around data security. Both of these are Type II reports in that they detail both the design and operating effectiveness of the controls covered in the audit.

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