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Big Ass Fans Case Study

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    Big Ass Fans 
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  • Client:

    Big Ass Fans
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Big Ass Fans Harnesses Performio to Boost Sales Rep Motivation and Data Visibility


Through its patented technology for highvolume low-speed (HVLS) airflow, Big Ass Fans brings offers both stylish interior designs and high-performance fans, coolers, and heaters that lead to comfort, safety, and energy savings. Go to work, hit the gym, or enjoy a night on the town – chances are you’ll see a Big Ass Fan overhead to keep air moving smoothly and silently. 

The Challenge

Big Ass Fans previously used Microsoft Excel for calculating and managing incentive compensation plans. Data was autopopulated from the company’s data warehouse, Epicor ERP, and Salesforce CRM systems. The sales plans had tiered structures for commission rates based on standard and premium product lines. Spiffs and contests were also important in most plans. Commissions were paid approximately 10 business days following product shipments. While disputes weren’t frequent, many reps (lacking data visibility) had questions about what they were paid on.

The Solution

Big Ass Fans chose Performio as its platform to revamp its incentive compensation. “The Performio Team did a fantastic job of helping us implement the software quickly,” said Nick Deters Director of Sales, “especially with the many curveballs we threw at them. They came on-site with us and we deployed in less than three days. We signed our contract in November, and we were issuing commission payments by the end of February.” Today, the Big Ass Fans comp plans better reflect the business structure and segments it operates in – e-commerce, residential, new construction, distribution, and services.

The Results

For Big Ass Fans, motivation and transparency have been the keys to success. “Our leaderboards tap into the natural competitiveness of our sales reps, and improved their accountability” Deters said. “They draw the self motivation of the team because they have a constantly updated ranking something we could never show before when we used spreadsheets. They have the visibility to see everything, which improves their confidence in the system. With Performio managing our tiered commission structure, we saw a 16% increase in premium product sales.” Performio has significantly improved payment accuracy for Big Ass Fans, eliminating underpayments and uncovering commission payments on certain fees. Although it may not have been a major expense, ensuring precise numbers was of utmost importance. By increasing visibility on returns and errors, Big Ass Fans gained additional benefits, including the ability to effectively track and adjust commission on non-warranted sales as necessary. The company firmly stands against reverting to spreadsheets, or seeking any other solution as the benefits brought by Performio make it an irreplaceable solution

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