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Sales Operations

ICM software for Sales Operations

Commissions don’t need to be a tricky part of sales operations management, no matter how they’re deployed.

Effectively prioritize your channels and map out incentive compensation management processes to easily understand commissions, as well as benchmarks against goals.

Accurate Sales Commission Administration

With the Performio ICM software, you get access to accurate sales commission administration tools that work with software, licensing models, specific products, recurring purchases, and much more. Each category and metric can be independently controlled to give you flexibility in developing a commission scheme that rewards sales where you need them most.

Simply and effectively prioritize your channels and map out incentive compensation management processes to easily understand commissions and benchmark against goals and pay your team what it deserves to encourage continued company growth.

Incentive Compensation Management Processes

With easy sales commission administration tools, you can control the commission process while reducing related costs and program maintenance, allowing you to focus on company growth and operational security. Attract the best sales and operations talent with a broad plan you can afford thanks to reduced capital expenditures related to administration, process management, and data accuracy.

For industries facing significant regulation and compliance concerns, such as the life sciences or financial services, we can tailor each program to award commissions properly if and when specific criteria are met. You’ll discourage bad behaviors that put your company at risk and have an automatic helper when it comes to facing the unique challenges in providing proper compensation for sales performance in today’s competitive areas.

Easy Sales Commission Administration

Performio's ICM software not only gives you quality control of data but also ensures you’re maintaining governance of information and the application of that data for your commission plans. Set up an automated incentive compensation process and allow it to operate with checks and verifications to maintain credibility while reducing administration costs and time.

No matter how complex your rules are, we’re here to help you automatically make payments accurately and timely, keeping managers and their sales teams happy with your process. We’ve already saved customers thousands of hours on operations management, database administration, operational support, and more, thanks to a series of dashboards and tools that deliver easy sales commission administration practices.

If your company could benefit from reducing operational management hours around payroll and commission plans, would find security in having an automated process for verification and tracking of commission rules and payouts or would simply like to have an easy dashboard for visualizing current commissions and sales practices, we’re here to help.

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