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Sales & Managers

ICM software for Sales & Managers

It’s time to answer the most important question on your plate: How much am I going to be paid in my next check?

The best way for you to increase sales performance is to know where you stand and have an accurate, transparent understanding of your commissions. How? By making sure your SPM has purpose-built Incentive Compensation Management features.

Better Sales. Accurate Commissions. Happier You.

Performio's ICM software is designed specifically to help you calculate your commissions at any given moment because we give you simple earnings dashboards and provide details on how the commission is calculated for your team and organization. See the structure and management’s requirements so you can know how you’re performing and when you’ll hit that next goal.

The best way for you to increase sales performance is to know where you stand and have an accurate commission understanding. You won’t find any tricky math, incomplete fields, or smoke-and-mirrors with Performio.

Mobile Support For Teams On The Go

Salespeople are leaving the desk behind and getting out into the field for a greater number of activities and are looking to close those large deals. Accurate commissions data doesn’t have to hide behind the desk anymore, either.

Our incentive compensation management offers you complete mobile support so you can track sales performance and update your latest victory from the road instead of having to head back into the office between each stop. You get full data and reliability wherever you need it most.

Field support can also improve your chance of success at each customer site. Performio’s product architecture can provide competitor analysis to smartphones and plenty of sales-boosting features and support to give your team an edge when they meet with customers directly. Increase sales performance by giving them the data and tools they need where it makes the biggest difference.

Performance Tracking Against Goals

With Performio, you get a simplified dashboard that keeps and tracks company quotas and goals so you can be sure you’re on the right path whether you’re working on a new call list or driving to that next customer site.

Plus, you’ll get a very personalized, social user experience to make it easier to report your successes and take the next step to increase sales performance for your next-level quotas. We’ll be the partner salespeople need to feel comfortable about their sales process by showing their status and how the commission is calculated and tracking trends in sales performance to help identify areas of opportunity.

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Quickly get smart, reliable dashboards that offer audit capabilities and governance checks before a commission achieves.

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