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Performio Swiftly Helps Service Express Roll Out Sales Commission Automation

Service Express prides itself on living up to its name. They deliver quick, exceptional service to their many clients seeking third-party data center maintenance.

They also expect the same qualities from companies they partner with to help run their own business better. Which is why they selected Performio for their commission software needs.

Outgrowing an In-House System

“We sell data center maintenance contracts, helping companies repair hardware failures to keep their servers, storage, and network equipment up and running,” said Brian Maring, Senior Financial Analyst at Service Express.

“For years we handled payments and commissions with a system built in-house. But as we grew, the amount of manual intervention needed continued to increase when we closed commissions after sales results were in at the end of the month. Plus a lot of work was needed at the beginning of each year when sales and commission plans changed."

“We also decided to transition the handling of commissions from accounting to HR. Since our old process had a lot of calculations and complications that took place every month, we really needed to find a system that was easier to administer."

Performio: Handling Complex Commissions with Ease

“We looked at a couple of other companies for a system that wasn’t too technical, was visually appealing and was easy to administer. These were things that set Performio apart from the other systems. In my mind, Performio was way better than anything else we saw.”

Performio offered more than just an engaging interface. It was able to incorporate several very complicated commission scenarios where other systems couldn’t.

“When we brought up those challenges, most of the other companies scratched their heads and were like, ‘Yeah, we're going to have to think about how to incorporate that.’ But Performio quickly understood it. So much so they actually showed us how they’d handle this scenario in one of the demos we walked through."

Better Commission Reports, Happier Sales Reps

“Before, we’d send our sales team to an internal website. It looked like a spreadsheet and was a bit clunky. Sort of a ‘Here’s your commission page.’ And if there were errors, it would take about a day and a half of one person’s time to correct them every month."

“Now with Performio we post a simplified, color-coded summary view, but with dashboards built out on additional tabs. Our sales team can see the detail behind the summary, even each line item if they'd like to. We've gotten great feedback from sales about the look and the feel."

“We've been able to build out some really nice reports to allow them to see into their commissions easier. Which really helps them do their job better and offers us a lot of scalability and options to analyze new plans. For instance, in the past we never had the ability before to future date a planned change; now we do."

“Today errors are really a non-event. We made sure all of the actions we used to take outside our old system would be automated in Performio. So that’s been a huge time saver. Plus, as we're recruiting and onboarding new sales reps, it's really nice to have something that looks as good as Performio does."

“Bottom line: There’s just so much more we can do with Performio.”

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Service Express


Information Technology and Services


201-500 employees


Grand Rapids, United States
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