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Jillamy Case Study

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Not a Luxury – a Necessity’ Jillamy Keeps Moving Forward with Performio for Incentive Comp Management


From warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment to packaging to nationwide and international transport and trucking Jillamy has grown from its roots to become a respected provider of reliable third-party (3PL) logistics and supply chain management.

The Challenge

When Jillamy opened its doors in 2001, sales commissions weren’t a complex proposition.
Steven Stumpo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has played a key role in the
company’s success from its early days. He assumed the responsibility for managing
incentive compensation from one of the company cofounders who had personally
managed the data and calculations. “In the beginning, we would basically do the
calculations on a calculator and issue the commission payments each week. Like other
companies of our size, we soon transitioned to spreadsheets, which created many headaches
for us and wouldn’t scale with our growth. As we continued to grow fast, we moved to
monthly commission payments to manage our time a little better.” Reporting? That was little
more than cut-and-paste graphs from Excel emailed to sales reps. 

What Jillamy didn’t see were the hidden errors and subtle calculation errors that were costing
the company significant amounts of money in commission overpayments. “We didn’t really
identify the weaknesses until much later – but our manual tools and processes were costing us tens of thousands of dollars every year.”

The Solution

As the complexity of Jillamy’s compensation management grew, Stumpo turned to incentive compensation management (ICM) software to streamline the process, but an initial deployment didn’t make the grade. “We worked with one provider, but they had trouble with our source data,” he said. “We were spending too much time on data scrubbing and back-end reporting. When we
pivoted to Performio, things improved quickly - and far better than we expected.”

The Results

With Performio, Jillamy has gained new control over one of its largest expenses: incentive compensation. “What we found is that our old methods introduced a lot of stealth errors that led to overpayments,” Stumpo said. “Eliminating those errors more than pays back our software investment. Now, we no longer have manual calculations or fragile spreadsheets – and we save lots of administrative time. We were spending three or four hours a week just creating reports. Now, we spend only one or two hours a month – and our sales reps can track their performance online at any time. Performio paid for itself within the first year and helped us eliminate tens of thousands of dollars in overpayments. The success continued, and in year two, we’re generating a 2x ROI.” In Stumpo’s eyes, Performio has become indispensable. “This isn’t a luxury for us,” he said. “It’s a necessity.” 

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