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Leading data-quality tool for Salesforce relies on Performio for sales commission automation


Ask any Salesforce user how they get the most out of their CRM data and chances are you’ll hear the name Validity...

By improving data quality, Validity helps companies optimize email marketing, data management, and more. Mercedes-Benz alone noted a 10 percent increase in email deliverability thanks to Validity’s address verification and deduplicating tools.

Validity places such a high value on data accuracy and efficiency that they look for partners that do the same. This is why they rely on Performio to bring accuracy and timeliness to their sales compensation management.

A No Brainer

“We’re only a year and a half old,” said Krysten Macklosky, Lead Finance Analyst at Validity. “But we’ve already acquired two companies to help us serve Salesforce users better. With our own sales force growing, we looked for a commission automation tool to help us be more accurate and timely with our calculations."

“One thing that drew us to Performio was pricing. We looked at Xactly, but the implementation was three times as expensive and it does the exact same thing as Performio. Performio is a very simple product and very easy to take on and use, but it's just as powerful as Xactly. So, it was almost like a no brainer between usability and pricing."

“Plus, I don't think we would have ever gotten the support or customer service at Xactly like we do at Performio. They're just been fantastic and responsive. Honestly, I’ve never seen customer support like I have with Performio.”

Performio Means Productivity

Validity is the leading data-quality tool set for Salesforce users, helping companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Tommy Bahama, and T-Mobile create smarter campaigns, generate leads, drive response, and increase revenue. As a young company, Validity had to use Excel to manage their sales people’s commissions—a process that left a lot to be desired.

“Before Performio,” continued Ms. Macklosky, “we’d send out the commissions reports to our sales staff and then be flooded with corrections. A lot of back and forth to set things right. It was just so inefficient. The commissions role ended up being a full-time job."

“Since Performio, it’s maybe one-fourth of an FTE. The calculations have never been so accurate and are done in a fraction of the time. So now the person handling commissions has the bandwidth to do so much more like payroll and helping integrate our two acquisitions."

“As for me, I’ve been able to focus on a weekly KPI deck for the executive board, manage headcount, do forecasting. The only reason I’m able to do these things is because Performio automates so much of the process."

Data We Can’t Get Anywhere Else

“I’m really looking forward to using Performio to see if our salespeople have a decent ROI and that their commission rates make sense. It's really important to look at sales productivity. Making sure that we're investing in solid sales reps that are generating returns for us. This is data we can’t get anywhere else."

The Value of Performio

“I don't think any other company would provide the value that Performio has just from a customer service perspective. All these commission tools are basically doing the same thing. So, what separates one company from another? For Performio I would say it’s hands down their support. It's nearly instantaneous with them, where I’ll get a thoughtful answer within a couple of hours."

“From a value and pricing perspective, Performio definitely overachieves compared to the other competitors.”

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