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Vodafone calls on Performio for sales commission management


“There’s got to be a better way!” said Nicole Horan, Head of Finance Operations and Commissions Governance for Vodafone Australia, one of the top 3 Telcos in the country. 

When Nicole began her role, her task was to combine four different commission systems for the company’s several thousand salespeople.

“We had a bespoke solution for our retail group, a different solution for our dealer group, Excel spreadsheets for a number of teams, and Performio was used in our call center,” she explained.

“Our legacy solutions were expensive in time and effort, and we were dependent upon our vendors and limited expert resources to make any calculation changes. We would run one calculation in the system, then also overlay additional manual calculations and keeping track of all of this was difficult and prone to error. And of course, Excel was very manual."

“My project’s objective was to simplify all of these very complicated and ineffective processes.”

Performio to the Rescue

Performio was already being used in the Vodafone call center at the time. The system is simple to use and to update. Plus, Performio's enterprise-grade architecture is scalable, the support staff is easy to work with, and the user interface is straightforward to understand and self-explanatory. And that’s important for a company that specializes in communication.

“With the Performio solution, everything was simple compared to all the unnecessarily complicated and convoluted ways of the other systems,” Nicole points out. “Our financial controller asked for a demo view of the system with some of our most complicated calculations. Using our own data, Performio demonstrated the simplicity of creating calculations and how it works. Everybody was super happy with the results."

Ticking the Boxes

“Performio ticked all our boxes from reporting to scalability and ease of use. We could understand it right out of the box and make changes ourselves without having to customize it. Performio is automatically upgraded on a regular basis. When we rolled it out to all of our salespeople across all groups, we didn’t have to do any additional training because it was that easy to understand."

“That was important because we want our salespeople focusing on sales and not on a steep learning curve of a new system. With Performio, all the information they need, such as sales figures, commission payments, and leaderboard positions are right there on the dashboard. It’s great to have so much rich data available at their fingertips."

Reducing the Manual Administration Required to Calculate Commissions

“Before, not only were our commissions calculated in multiple systems involving a lot of manual effort, we also had many commission claims that had to be reviewed and recalculated manually."

“With Performio’s automated calculations, all the manual work that we had to do in Excel was gone. Not only have we been able to significantly reduce the number of administrators required, the volume of manual claims has dramatically reduced. Performio just makes our job so much easier."

“Performio is the best system we have implemented for commissions. Implementation and switch overtook us three months. That’s it. Done!"

The “Performio” Confidence

“I used to pull out my hair with the complicated and time-intensive ways of doing calculations. Now there’s so much less stress with Performio. I feel confident in the system because it makes such a difference to our salespeople, they can focus on making sales, not figuring out if they are paid correctly."

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Vodafone Australia




1,000-5,000 employees


Sydney, Australia

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